1968 – Coronel Coffee Plant

Mr. Marcel Coronel, a French, and his wife Tran Thi Khanh invested a coffee processing plant in Bien Hoa Industrial Zone, Dong Nai province to take the advantage of saving in shipping cost to France. Coronel Coffee Plant had a design capacity of 80 tons of soluble coffee per year. The plant equipment was all imported from Germany. Coronel Coffee Plant was proud to be the first plant producing soluble coffee in the Indochina.

1975 - Bien Hoa Coffee Factory
When Vietnam was unified, Coronel family returned to France. The plant was handed over to the Provisional Government Republic of South Vietnam, renamed Bien Hoa Coffee Factory and assigned to the General Department of Food Technology. The plant commissioning had not been completed at the handover time because Mr. Coronel, an agriculture engineer, actually did not know how to operate the plant complicated pieces of equipment.

1977 - Vietnam successfully produced instant coffee


In two-year celebration of Vietnam unifying, the first soluble coffee came out in the happiness of all engineers and workers. Two previous years, they had been days and nights working together to take over the plant operations. The year of 1977 marked a milestone for Bien Hoa Coffee Factory, as well as for Vietnam coffee industry: the first Vietnam produced soluble coffee.


1978 - Vietnam coffee went abroad


Under the Barter Protocol between Vietnam and other Socialist Countries, from 1978, soluble coffee from Bien Hoa Coffee Factory was exported to former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries.


1983 – The birth of Vinacafé brand


During 1980s, Bien Hoa Coffee Factory focused on technical research to develop standard processes for the factory, while continued to export soluble coffee as required by the Government.
Along of addressing on product packaging, in 1983, the name Vinacafé was incorporated and seen on Eastern Europe market. The year of 1983 marked the birth of Vinacafé brand.


1990 – Vinacafé officially came back to Vietnam


In late 1980s, orders from Europe for soluble coffee rapidly reduced. In 1990, Vinacafé officially came back to the Vietnam.


1993 – Launching instant coffee 3 in 1


Upon returning, Vinacafé found hard to be recognized because the consumers’ taste had been shaped by miscellaneous coffee “gout” which was resulted from macroeconomic policies. In order  to compensate for the lack of coffee green beans, beans, corns and others additives were added to coffee

Together with Vinacafé steps in the market, Vietnamese consumers discovered a soluble coffee. The Vinacafé instant coffee mix 3 in 1 was launched in 1993. It was accepted quickly. New concept of mixing creamer, sugar to soluble coffee (with 20 gram in a sachet/ serving) has satisfied Vietnamese habit of drinking coffee with milk. Instant coffee mix 3 in 1 was such quickly penetrated and Vinacafé was immediately registered as an intellectual property brand in Vietnam and in 60 countries around the World.
1998 – The second Plant
The year of 1998 marked a milestone of Vinacafé growth boom. The second soluble coffee processing plant was invested. The second plant has a design capacity of 800 tons of soluble coffee per year within the current plant perimeter. It was in 10 times bigger the old plant. 2 years later, the new plant was officially came into operation to meet the increasing demand from both domestic and export markets.
2004 - Vinacafe Bien Hoa Joint Stock Company
On 29th December, 2004, Bien Hoa Coffee Factory, a state enterprise transferred into a joint stock company.

Beloved the brainchild – Vinacafé brand, the founders have set a new name for the company, Vinacafé Bien Hoa J.S. Company (Vinacafé BH). This was the “new page” of the Company history. Vinacafé BH re-planned strategy, re-written the mission and vision and identified new core values in the context of Vietnam more integration to the World.